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How does the web server work?

The web server (page 40 of the entry manual) acts as an intermediary for the connection of the card and the, it is necessary to use an external device capable of reading QR code and the external device must be connected to Internet 
First the card must be connected to the network. 
Then by pressing the back arrow several times (button at the bottom left next to the display) you will get a QR code, scan it, in this way the external device and card will be connected. 
Then by going down with the arrows on the right of the display you will get another QR code under the item LOGIN, scan it, now you can control the commands of your card with the external device. If the QR code does not go use the data provided on the page below. 
Finally, with the third QR code, under CONNECTY.CLOUD, the registration procedure on the site begins.

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