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How can I configure / customize the basic board?

In the product manual, the last chapter is dedicated to the parameters described in a table. It is possible to promptly intervene on the board functions by accessing the parameters section through the service menu; but how can i manually act on the parameters?

  • In the entry: from the menu, or from any program not started yet, press the button, at the top left (3 horizontal lines), MENU until the  “SERVICE” appears, at this point you should go down in the list of one item to select PARAMETERS pressing the menu key. The password must not be entered typing numbers but  increasing the value on the screen, with the arrows on the right of the display, once you have entered the code, again with the arrows you can move between the parameters. If you want to change them, use the menu key to select one, then change the values ​​with the arrows.
  • In the top: from the main screen click on the MENU icon (3 horizontal lines at the top left) then press on SERVICE, enter the password with the keypad that appears, then click on PARAMETERS: to scroll through the parameters use the arrows on the right, if you want to modify them, click on them and with the keypad change the value (with “c” you reset the value).
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