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Red Star elettronica per forni professionali

RS09 I/O

The 9 relays control board manages all the functions of bread and pizza ovens.


Red Star bakery

Touch display

Fast and intuitive user interface made available for technology. The 7 inch touch display ensures quick accessibility to the most important information.

Intuitive interface

Quick access to the most advanced machine functions. The device control at your fingertips.


The IoT platform which helps the hospitality professionals to control the technology.

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To take screenshots, in the USB stick must be present a file called “dump_scr.txt”, which can be created with the basic text editor present on windows.

The key containing this file must then be inserted in the board where you want to take the screenshot; after a few seconds, necessary for writing on the USB memory, the screen will be saved.

The file will be called “nnnnn.bmp”, where “nnnnn” is a number that varies depending on when the screenshot is taken. The file is saved in windows bitmap format which has a resolution equal to that of the screen on the board display.

To export the parameters it is necessary to have a USB stick connected to the board; it will then be necessary to access the service menu with the manufacturer’s password level and then go back and access the USB menu in the “LOAD/SAVE CONFIGURATION” section.

In the aforementioned menu, select the “export parameters” item, confirm and wait for the operation to finish.

The “import parameters” function is instead available without having to enter the password. The file obtained with the export must be renamed MGP*.CSV, where * can be any number or text, in order to be recognized for import. Once the option has been selected, confirm and wait for the operation to finish.

When the board/oven is switched on and, if the appropriate parameter is selected, a screen with a predefined image appears during standby; this can be changed by uploading a .jpg file via USB. In order to be used, the file must have the following characteristics:

  • Filename: “LOGO*.jpg”.
  • Format: 400×400 pixel jpeg. Avoid selecting the “progressive” option when creating the image.
  • Position: must be inserted in the main folder of the flash drive.
  • Size: the maximum size that the file can have is 64Kbytes.

First of all you need to have the language file available; to find it, just go to your personal area and download it together with the firmware of the desired product.

The file, which will have a name in STR*24.S24 format, must be extracted from the .zip folder and opened with a text editor such as notepad or notepad++.

The lines present in order:

  • the card version
  • the number of languages ​​and the languages ​​present
  • the lines of text that will be read for each language

If you want to change the voice in an already existing language, simply change the desired voice and then save the file.

If you want to add a new language, you will need to change the number of languages ​​indicator, making it go from 2 to 3 for example, add the name of the new language in the language list and then add the translated text on each line.

The modified file must then be placed on the USB stick and imported from the card with the appropriate function present in the USB menu.