PMI day is the national day of small and medium-sized enterprises organized with the associations of Confindustria, for the event we opened the doors to the boys of ITIS Segato of Belluno who spent the morning with us. We showed them the company, its departments and the development process of an electronic board from the idea to the release of the finished project.


The link between school and the labour market is fundamental to create a smooth transition from school to company and for this reason we have organized a game with high school students to simulate what could be a situation of daily life within the company.

Imagine you are in the kitchen of a restaurant, what innovative solutions could you adopt to improve efficiency?

This is the challenge we proposed to the boys and girls of ITIS. They have formed 5 teams and worked together to meet the technical requirements required by the hypothetical client up to the point of proposing an innovative idea.

We thank the organizers and hope that this interesting initiative called PMI day can continue to grow over the years to help students better understand how a company and the labour market works.